My Lifestack (2018 Edition)


I’m often asked what tools and technology I use. This is my list.


  • iPad Pro 10.5 with Magic Keyboard and Canopy keyboard cover plus Apple PencilI just love this device and its capabilities; it goes with me most places and in the office allows me to physically separate work/personal tasks. It’s insanely powerful – I’d call myself a poweruser and even I don’t think I use 50% of its abilities. I’m looking forward to iOS 12 and Shortcuts.
  • iPhone XAn incredible phone, protected by various Bellroy( covers & wallets. This is the best phone I’ve ever used.
  • iPhone 6sFor work use – apps and notifications kept to a minimum.
  • MacBook Pro 13” (no TouchBar)
  • Lenovo ThinkPad X1 CarbonWork-issued laptop running Windows 10.
  • HP Z27n 27” DisplayLovely anti-glare IPS display, usually plugging into my MacBook Pro but my Lenovo Carbon links up nicely when I’m working from home.
  • Mac Mini One2012 2.3GHz quad-core i7/16GB/1TB HDD/250GB SSD – Hosted with MacStadiumUsed for Plex, Resilio, some VMWare Fusion machines for testing/experimenting, VNC, Hazel for automated file sorting, and a backup location via Arq .
  • Mac Mini Two2012 2.6GHz quad-core i7/16GB/1TB HDD – Home server – Used for home uses, Plex, Resilio and a backup location via Arq.
  • Apple TV 4Mainly for Plex, BBC iPlayer and NOW TV.
  • Synology DS918+For storing and serving up media to Plex and Infuse, backup and Dropbox-like file syncing. Experimenting with the VPN server and the Google Photos replacement ‘Moments’.

Services & Subscriptions


  • iPhone X
  • Sandmarc Wide LensGreat little wide-angle lens attaching to a slim case. I am looking at the broader set of Moment lenses.
  • HalideIncredible camera app on the iPhone X and integrates well with Darkroom, a powerful but easy-to-use photo editor.

Smart Home & Networking


  • Sonos – Home-wide music
  • Tado – Heating
  • Philips Hue – Lighting
  • Arlo – Home monitoring cameras & baby monitor
  • Eve – Smart switches
  • NEEO – Universal remote
  • Sonos – Home-wide music

Ubiquiti Unifi:

Lifestyle and Miscellaneous Hardware







  • Safari & Mail
  • Fantastical
  • Things
  • Agenda & Bear – Note-taking apps
  • 1Password
  • CarrotFun and detailed weather app
  • DraftsQuick text capture with plenty of export options
  • ApolloExcellent reddit client
  • Fiery FeedsThis changes frequently and is often different on iPad and iPhone, but currently I’m using Fiery Feeds and experimenting with Lire as it supports Inoreader tagging
  • Pinner client
  •, Icro & SunlitExcellent apps
  • Plex and InfuseVideos
  • BufferEasy scheduling to LinkedIn
  • Sleeptot & Sleepy EyesWhite noise apps for babies
By Greg