Old vs new (or old + new) London

    Tech I ❤️

    _v1 20 August 2023 _

    Taking inspiration from Matt Birchler, here are some quick notes on tech I love using at the moment:

    Micro.blog & Mastodon

    I’m back from dabbling with Wordpress (for the millionth time) and Ghost, and delighted to see Micro.blog still going strong. I’m off Twitter, have no time for Threads, but am enjoying using Mastodon (I’m here on social.lol).

    Inoreader & Reader

    Inoreader sits in the background and pulls, filters and serves up my RSS feeds etc - which I generally read on iOS using Reeder, or Inoreader itself in the browser. I’m new to the highlighting/notetaking work, but really enjoying Readwise’s Reader, syncing highlights to Notion.

    iPad Mini (6th Gen)

    I use an M1 iPad Pro as my day-to-day personal device at home, but for commuting, a notebook at work, media consumption when travelling, Readwise/Reader on the sofa, this is a perfect little tablet.

    Anker Nano II 65w GaN II etc etc

    These are small and will charge pretty much everything I own at the fastest speed - I have for the US and one for Europe.

    HOTO Electric Screwdriver

    Recommended by a bunch of blogs I follow, it’s a well-crafted easy to use electric screwdriver for around the house.